• Who We Are

    We're on a mission to innovate the real estate process,

    inspire our clients (the agents we work with) to do great things and

    connect our clients to the largest real estate network.

    Ron Rocz

    Broker • Owner

    (of the Year! btw)


    Ron is a second generation realtor who has consistently been in the top 1% of Realtors nationally since 2003. He is always learning from other agents regionally and internationally - exposing him to what's been tried & what actually works in this business. He found himself wanting the innovation & collaboration that was seemingly missing in our local market. So he decided to build it himself. After obtaining his brokers license in 2014 he researched every option & confidently decided that there is no better brand than RE/MAX. He secured a prime location in downtown Birmingham & put effective tools in place to support his brokerage, RE/MAX Nexus. The proprietary one being his vast knowledge of the industry, traditional & social marketing, tried & true lead generation methods & an innate business acumen. He continues to add agents that give rise to the culture & vibe he seeks. For 2016, after only 2 years, he was recognized by RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan as the Broker•Owner of the YEAR! Ron & Nexus are on a mission to innovate, inspire and connect. Nexus also won highest net gain in 2017, 2018 & 2019 - and you know what that means? Once agents join Nexus they stay with Nexus. You should join them!


    Rachel Farabee

    Client Care • Agent Support


    When Rachel joined us she had a BA from The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University and over 12 years of office and managerial experience. That has certainly helped us, but what she has done since joining us is really what we like to talk about! The role of Client Care Specialist requires a very wide skill set to be successful: greeting, negotiating, scheduling, anticipating, engaging, assessing, manipulating, executing, creating, researching, maintaining, developing and prioritizing just to name a few! In 2017, Rachel found some free time and became a licensed assistant. She has become an integral part of the leadership team at Nexus. Her willingness to systematize, troubleshoot, beta test, listen and problem solve has helped us to better the services we offer our agents and the systems we serve their clients with so that everyone has an amazing experience. Her efforts enabled us in opening our satellite office in Madison Heights and manage it effectively. She guides our client care admins (and our agents just a little bit!) and imparts the knowledge she’s gained so they can carry it forward. When Rachel is on your side, in any situation, you automatically have the upper hand. (Except in Cards Against Humanity - but that’s a different story!)

    Mary Rocz

    Marketing • Communications


    Mary spent nearly 20 years in the ad biz writing everything from jingles and television spots to websites & digital campaigns for clients like Chiquita, La-Z-Boy, The Detroit Zoo and American Greetings. She is raising good humans and keeping up with the ever-changing world of real estate advertising. It evolves monthly sometimes and she keeps up with it. Knowing the best times for Facebook engagement, what works on Instagram, successful mailchimp campaigns, best use of video - live and recorded, how to generate leads and track them on BoomTown and maintaining the brand and image for our office and our agents. She consults with agents to determine their end goal and develop an action plan to see it through, adjusting as necessary. She works with the same tools all agents should - but don't have the time to - learn. She fills in the gaps for them so they can set it and forget it 90% of the time. Mary arranges trainings from outside of our office and with our key relationships so agents can have everything they need at their disposal. She is an avid sports fan, if it's her alma mater or her kids playing, that is. She shares that same enthusiasm with our agents and their successes in life and work. And she wants to help us all have more of those!