• Who Should Join?

    We recruit based on culture, ambition and vibe.


    We’re a forward thinking brokerage with agile agents. Our profitability is tied to agent success not headcount. So we seek agents with growth potential. Our split structure is designed to help agents grow, no matter their production level. Whether you produce $2 million or $20 million - Nexus is invested in your growth.


    If you join Nexus, your peers will be collaborative and goal-oriented. We aren’t out to collect the most number of agents, we want to be a brokerage with great agents that enrich and value our unique culture.


    We envision a brokerage-agent relationship with more value. We built Nexus in a post-Zillow world and our values are not defined by traditions from another time. Our training is about saving agents time and helping them make more money. We teach skills that are immediately useful and new agents increase productivity right away. We are invested in each agent - from business plan to marketing ROI to lead generation. It’s pretty simple really: We help agents.



    If you want your game to get better play with better players.

    If you want to learn a new language - immerse yourself in it.

    Want to be a part of the next generation of real estate?

    Surround yourself with others like you.