• Brokerage Fees are an Investment

    If your brokerage can’t tell you in one sentence or less how much you’ll pay, they’re hiding something.

    If you get a great return on investment, the fees are worth it. If you get a little value, even a discount office can be too expensive.


    Brokerages have hidden their fees for too long. At RE/MAX Nexus our fees are transparent and we’ll help you determine if joining is a good investment in the growth of your business.


    We’re happy to provide a direct comparison to other options in the market, but we are confident that an agent will make significantly more after a year, not just in their gross commissions but where it matters, their net income.


  • Choose From One of Our 3 Plans

    You're in business for yourself, not by yourself...

    nothing is one size fits all.

    The agents who have joined us have had a significant increase in business with an equally significant decrease in what they pay their broker.


    We have three plans available: Monthly, Growth and JumpStart.


    Monthly agents pay upfront and keep their commissions.


    Growth agents have a 75/25 split.


    JumpStart agents, if you're an exstablished agent this isn't for you.

    JumpStart is for new, newer, new-ish agents who need more hands-on support while they build their business.


    All investments come with the usual stuff other brokers bill you for and quite a few top-dollar extras.

    The ping-pong, high fives, hugs and having fun are gratis too!


    We're happy to share the details with you and see what program would fit your personal plan.


    In fact, we 'd love to sit down and see how we can better your business and your bottomline.