• It's all in How you Begin

    Our process produces results.


    Extensive research and analysis helps us identify an agent’s strengths and weaknesses. We identify the greatest impact and start with small steps.




    We work together to build a personalized plan to accomplish the agent’s goals. There are 100 ways to succeed, we just need to find the right fit!



    Acting on a plan is always the biggest challenge for an agent. We work together to automate and systemize the plan to increase success rate.


    After implementation, we consistently evaluate and improve the plan, always seeking a more efficient and productive business.

  • What We Do

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    RE/MAX Nexus is here to Innovate. Inspire. Connect.

    And it's always all about the success of our agents.

    At RE/MAX Nexus, we know that there are many challenges in the real estate industry, but we believe when you know the right people and you put them together, everything becomes easier.

    Improving the real estate experience requires more than just tech. It starts at the brokerage level. A brokerage that supports and guides agents positively impacts the agent and client experiences and attracts like-minded agents.

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    How d​oes your brokerage treat you?

    It's about you, not us.

    Are they broker-centric or agent-centric? Do your get all of your leads? They're yours. Or are they used as a training ground for other agents? Does your brokerage ask what you need to get to the next level or are they happy that they are at a new level? Does your brokerage have a brand that matches your experience and reaches beyond the city limits?


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    Our Purpose: We help agents thrive in whatever way they choose to develop their business.

    Not every agent is the same.

    That’s why you need a business model that suits your style, not ours.

    What are you looking for? Where do you want to be next year? What help do you need to accomplish that goal? Don't get put into a box, we'll help you build a customized business that fits your style.


  • We teach solutions for your everyday problems

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    Say it. Do it. Achieve it.

    There is no generic plan for succeeding in real estate. But you do have to PLAN TO SUCCEED. Our agents are smart. We help them build systemized, sustainable and profitable business models.





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    And, by the way, all this training, is gratis.

    No charge. Free. No asterisk even.

    Our training program for experienced agents gives them a significant advantage over their peers. While most brokerages stop training once an agent no longer has transaction related questions, we find that that is the perfect time to begin. With mastery of real estate accomplished, our agents are positioned for technology and efficiency mastery and ready to take their business to the next level.


    Our agents have access to the best tools, training and resources the industry has to offer. We are constantly beta-testing new technology and working out the bugs before we pass it along to you to implement in your business. Many platforms we implement aren’t even industry-specific, but do wonders for it.

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    Technology makes our lives better,

    but only if it doesn’t become a distraction.

    Technology is an easy buzzword for brokerages to overuse. Everyone in the Nexus family is immersed in technology. If one of them is going to introduce a new platform, you can be sure they have been living it for the last few months 24/7.


    The platforms we utilize are powerful in that they allow us to extract data and set realistic goals. Then we hold each other accountable to that. We work one-on-one to identify blind spots and perfect processes.

    Agents learn new skills as soon as they join Nexus, and as a result, their production increases significantly their first year. And, if worked consistently, every year thereafter.

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    Not every agent is the same.

    Whether your goal is to make more money or have more time, both are possible with efficiency improvements. Through one-on-one discussions, we learn about each agent’s systems and methods and we identify areas for improvement.


    When we consult one-on-one, we look at the whole picture - your priorities, style, habits, interests, skills. We design plans that embrace your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.


    Agents must constantly balance their personal lives with their business lives and sometimes the two collide. Our consulting addresses both - because when your personal life impacts your business, it’s important to find solutions quickly.

    Our goal is not only for agents to save time but also have more energy and focus. When agents learn to make their email less chaotic, they enjoy their day more. When agents leverage our systems they are no longer an assistant!

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    The power of many great minds.

    At Nexus, we’re an ambitious group, but we’re never in competition with each other. Agents constantly share ideas - whether it’s for mailers, sphere maintenance or open houses. No egos, no clashes. Just collaboration and connectivity.


    Every agent employs a variety of methods to develop and maintain their business. Nexus agents share their methods and come up with new ideas together. They share vendor referrals and offer open house opportunities.

    Collaboration allows us to constantly improve. For example, when someone discovers an app that saves time, they share it. We learn from each other and we all improve.


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    Consistency is key.

    Effective Marketing can jumpstart your business, but only if done right. We constantly supply our agents with relevant content for social marketing. This same content can be translated and communicated through traditional means. Because, again, every agent is different and has a different business model.

    Our agents are pragmatic. They develop marketing systems and implement with consistency. Whether it’s social media, snail mail or e-mail marketing. It’s always done consistently.

    Sometimes the obstacles to getting that mailer out are as simple as finding the right envelopes. Need your letter edited? We’re here. Not sure about your design, we can help you feel great about it. Want something designed for you? It’s included. Just send it off and send it out. Our marketing department’s streamlined systems mean agents can delegate and get their marketing plans in motion. We eliminate the obstacles so you can focus on selling.


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    Be the future of real estate.

    Everyone knows the bulk of our business comes through referrals. That used to mean word of mouth from pleased clients and your sphere of influence. In today’s market that means maximizing all of your outlets; google my biz, realtor.com, ratemyagent, organic seo, social media, social proof, personal websites. We can show you how to do all of this, without increasing your spend. You’ll see an immediate uptick in your leads and you're placement in a google search!. You’ll become the go-to agent in the market you want to conquer.


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    We’ve developed a new brokerage model to help agents thrive in any market. Built with cutting edge technology, transparent fees and the largest national and international brand -

    RE/MAX Nexus is

    the modern brokerage model

    for successful agents.​​​​