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    Janessa Thomas

    When I first got my real estate license I knew there was still a ton left to learn. I joined Ron in the beginning and I was given the training, advice and access to knowledge to get up and running fast! This gave me the confidence to become a successful agent. I doubled my income from what I made at my job before entering real estate and have doubled it yet again. I continue to get excellent support and a healthy dose of camaraderie you just don't find elsewhere. I get to operate my own business powered by RE/MAX Nexus and a major international brand.

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    Rachel Oberle

    Simply put, I would not want to do this job with any other company or broker. In my brief tenure as an agent with RE/MAX Nexus I feel I have already gained advanced industry knowledge & grown so much. Everything from the digital infrastructure to the personal team support has set me on a trajectory to success I wouldn't be able to achieve anywhere else. It's easy to see that Ron & the team are genuinely passionate about this business; not only your success but your professional growth as well. I have never been anywhere where I have felt so instantaneously at home. At RE/MAX Nexus, you’re exactly that… connected.


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    Christine Hogan

    Joining the RE/MAX Nexus Group was always a part of my Master Plan. I've known, Broker Ron Rocz, and Mary Rocz for nearly 20 years, but if you didn't or don't, you should. Consistent training and support, brand power, numerous leads every week, (exclamation point) from our ISA agent. What a way to jumpstart, maintain and grow your business. Having a Broker who responds like he's waiting for your call, is priceless! Anytime, any day. The other agents, not to mention the entire staff, engaging, dynamic and fully involved in your day to day success, supporting one of Ron's many sayings "learning is earning". I count myself lucky to have landed in the proverbial honey pot of this, "the number one in homes sold" real estate industry. If you want to join a winning team, give us a call. Thanks, everybody!!

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    Erik Jurvis

    Working for RE/MAX Nexus is unlike any other professional experience I’ve had before. A balance of vision with attention to details makes this supportive, collaborative and dynamic real estate company different from others with which I’ve had experience. Many companies suggest they have a “team" or "family” feel. RE/MAX Nexus truly operates in this way with various levels of support as needed, building on individual strengths and using them for the team success. RE/MAX Nexus allows autonomy for each of us to be creative and innovative in designing our own specific business plans while finding a way to connect us together. The vibe in our office is incredibly powerful: positive, friendly and challenging! We are invested in each other’s success!


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    Gerry Banister

    After more than 30 years in this business, I found a ​broker who has redefined the relationship between broker & agent. Ron does not just think “outside the box” he has blown up the “box”. At RE/MAX Nexus, he & the staff have created an environment that challenges you to reach beyond your goals & provides the support for you to accomplish them. Constant exposure to the most up to date communication vehicles, on-going training & encouragement, a state of the art lead generation program, & a fully staffed client-care division whose only objective is to support Ron’s clients—his agents, taking over the day to day coordination of our business to free us to create additional sales. Whether you are someone beginning your career in real estate sales or someone with years of experience, the exciting, supportive, challenging milieu at RE/MAX Nexus will take you to your next level of success.

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    Mike and Nick Warren

    I received my Real Estate Salesperson license in 1988 and had worked for the same brokerage from 1989-2019. When my son decided to join me I started exploring other offices to see what they

    had to offer. I had heard nothing but good things about RE/MAX Nexus and the Broker, Ron Rocz. My son set up an interview and was very impressed and asked me to meet with Ron. I’m not a fan of change, especially if what I’m doing is working, after my initial meeting with Mr. Rocz I was confident this would be an excellent opportunity for myself and my son Nick. We’ve been welcomed like family and received exemplary assistance with marketing materials signs, cards, and anything we need and any questions were handled promptly. The training provided for the agents is relevant in the current market and very helpful. To be honest, I had some anxiety making the move after 30+ years but we are extremely happy we joined RE/MAX Nexus and look forward to growing our business.